Sunday, November 25, 2012

Disgusting!!! Big rise in children missing from care homes ~ by 19% per cent

So where are they all going? 
I know where many of them are.

Jimmy Savile may be dead but what he did isn't. 
His like are still at work, 
still providing children for the rich and famous 
- and others.

A “worrying” increase in the number of children 
going missing from care placements 
has been highlighted by a landmark Ofsted investigation
 into adoption and foster homes. 
The figures indicate that rising numbers 
of vunlerable children are 
at risk of sexual exploitation 
and drug addiction ...

... the number of children “going missing” from foster homes has also increased, by 19 per cent. There were 9,480 reported incidents of children disappearing from foster care, involving some 3,151 children last year.


Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett wants child sex abuse inquiry terms of reference limited in scope and time



Braving Broome after dark


Broome men charged over child prostitution ring

'Police believe they have uncovered a child prostitution ring in the Kimberley tourist town of Broome. It is believed that up to 12 children have been seeking out men prepared to exchange cigarettes, cannabis or money for sex.

Two men have been charged with child sex offences involving children as young as 12. A 39-year-old man was charged yesterday following the arrest of a 45-year-old man on Monday. Their names have been suppressed to protect the victims.'

Read more ...

Child Prostitution in Australia


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