Thursday, November 1, 2012

Depeche S. Ananda & Ashtar C. in Halloween George K.+R.A.W. wor(w.a.r.)Ship

"When everything tells you 'it's the end' 
and you decide to take one more turn, 
there is your inner (s)hero in action. 
When you have all the reasons 
to be sad and you find one to smile,
 there is your inner (s)hero showing you unseen gifts. 
When you give up all hope 
and let the tears pour down, 
there is you inner (s)hero 
helping you to create space to new possibilities. 
When in need yourself you find ways to help others, 
there is your inner (s)hero letting you know 
you may not have a choice in what you get, 
but you always have a choice in what you give." 
~ Shanti Ananda
This Halloween 
 Gabriel Ananda - Trommelstunde
and beyond 
let your inner (s)hero OUT ... 

Happy Hollowee

for those celebrating it tonight! 

Spook Forward ...

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S. Ananda & Ashtar C. 
in Halloween George K.
+R.A.W. wor(w.a.r.)Ship
 Star Family Messages:
Ashtar Command  
In his book Memoirs, published in 2002, 

David Rockefeller, Sr. 

made the following remarks, 

startling in their very frankness: 

"For more than a century ideological extremists 

at either end of the political spectrum 

have seized upon well-publicized incidents 
such as my encounter with Castro 
to attack the Rockefeller family 
for the inordinate influence they claim 
we wield over American political and
economic institutions. 
Some even believe 
we are part of a secret cabal 
working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me 
as 'internationalists' 
and of conspiring 
with others around the world 
to build a more integrated global political 
and economic structure -- 
one world, if you will. 
If that's the charge, 
I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

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