Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Truth & White Lies: Dec. 21, 2012 Photon Frequency Spectrum fused with Photon Energy 888

"...the similarity in the sound of the words, ‘profit’ and ‘prophet’, is not a coincidence. this is a perceptual clue to perceive prophecies with skepticism and contemplation.
the ego uses fear and chaos to gain control with lies and distortion, which, as we have learned, is the crux of the monetary system— symbolism of the ego.
as we approach higher levels of our existence, 

we must perceive with
our ascended wisdom, as this perception, 
guided by Divine intuition, is the only true prophecy and foresight that will serve us.
prophecy is not found in outside sources, but created within, from our experiential path of applied wisdom. we are the Creators through this perception. our lifetime of study and introspection has afforded us our own gifts of personal prophesy, for we can only find Truth in something that we already know.
know your Soul; trust only your Soul..."
- The Soul
post scriptum:
US Mars Base Picture  

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