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abRAham's isRAelites & starRAys ~ Source Field Consciousness Energy in5d

abRAhamburger isisRAeleeites & starRAys
(Hebrew: About this sound אַבְרָהָם (help·info), Modern: Avraham, Greek: Αβραάμ (Avraam), Tiberian: ʼAḇrāhām, Ashkenazi: Avrohom or Avruhom, Arabic: إبراهيمIbrāhīm) is one of the biblical patriarchs and a major character in the founding myth of the Israelites.[1] His story is told in chapters 11-25 of the Book of Genesis, and he plays a prominent role in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The Law Of Attraction 

Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham: The Law Of Attraction - Esther & Jerry Hicks | in5d.comAbraham, Source Energy interpreted by Esther Hicks, delivers a 5-part introduction to their teachings on The Law of Attraction at a February, 2008 Abraham-Hicks Workshop. The complete presentation runs 40 minutes.
How Does Esther Hicks Channel Abraham? There are many ways sixth sensory people (psychics, mediums, communicators with the non-physical realm), get their messages. Some hear the messages - clairaudience, some see an image of what they convey and interpret - clairvoyance. Some others feel the message - clairsentience. Hicks gets messages from Abraham through a clairaudient experience - telepathically. Blocks of thoughts are received by Hicks, who translates them into language that is comprehensible. She is in relaxed trance-like state when she communicates with Abraham. Esther doesn't use the word "channeling" to describe her process, but understands if others do. If you're not sure who Abraham is, then watch this video first before watching the Law of Attraction videos afterwards :)

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