Wednesday, November 21, 2012

42=P+F+T ~ P.F.T. = Photon Frequency Transmissions

Photon Frequency Transmissions
from the U.S.A.

"...there are infinite frequencies of Truths within the matrix of our eternal existence. Our reality defines these frequencies as a number of vibrations, or cycles, that occur within our ascended levels of consciousness. Perceptually, frequencies are individual states of awareness, based on graduated levels of wisdom. These perceived frequencies are always increasing, as we learn from our life experiences. The rate of speed at which these frequencies rise, is paralleled with how closely we choose to pay attention to our life lessons, while consciously connecting to our Divine Source. Different frequencies hold different Truths. for example, a higher frequency vibrates at a higher speed, where only those who have evolved to that frequency can see or understand it. The process of introspection and assimilation is what enables us to ascend to these higher levels with the ability to understand, based on our experience of all the previous levels. Many spiritual concepts today seem to be inconceivable to some, and absolute truth to others. Those who have evolved to such frequencies are truly able to see that which appears to be invisible to others. our reality is our evolved perception. Acceptance of diversity is crucial to one’s evolution. To remain stagnant in a pool of negativity and limited beliefs, limits the ability for one’s frequency to rise. That is why we must stay open to the infinite possibilities that are ahead. because much of our perception is dynamically shaped by our environment, we must pay attention without judgment and consciously absorb the karmic lessons that are expanding the structure of our Divine intelligence..."
- The Soul

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