Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Executioner's Daughter & Aeon Hypatia


 "Get your facts first,

then you can distort them as you please."

-Mark Twain-

  Teaser for 'The Apocalypse In Religion & Secularism (and why they all keep failing) 10/27/2012'

Topics Discussed:

--The one man responsible for the ‘apocalypse meme’ that changed history forever.

--How it then spread to the Abrahamic and other religions like wildfire.

--Some of the wildest apocalyptic movements in Judaism and Christianity.

--Understanding the powerful effect of the ‘apocalypse meme’, even the way movements still continue after they have failed at predicting the end times.

--How did the Gnostics view the apocalypse?

--Secular apocalyptic movements like Communism, The French Revolution, and Singularity.

--The origins of the 2012 hysteria, and a good debunking of it.

And much more!

Our rebroadcast is The Gospel Philip. Although known for its passages revealing the close relationship and making out of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, there are many insights in this mythical, allegorical gospel that reveal the heart and soul of Gnosticism and the early, mystical Christianity that threatened the foundation of the new Roman Church. Out guest was Andrew Phillip Smith, author of A Dictionary of Gnosticism and The Gnostics.

Next week we deal with the New Spirituality, an evolving movement that transcends Orthodoxy and Secularism, embraces religion and champions reason. And of course the dangers this individual mysticism must avoid, such as narcissism, materialism, and denial of the world's suffering. Will it be another failed New Age dispensation or a true, compassionate faith that helps humanity navigate these dangerous times? Our guest will be Dr. William Bloom, author of The Power of the New Spirituality and The Endorphin Effect.

Weekly sparks found in The Ashtray:

Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism: An interview with Gary Lachman by Miguel Conner
by Bob King

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