Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spiritual Politics & The Mayan Secret

57 days 

post scriptum: 

Drunvalo Melchizedek
Veteran from the war in Vietnam, an author and a spiritual teacher now living in Sedona, Arizona. Drunvalo completed most of a

BS in Physics and Mathematics 
before switching to a fine arts degee which he was awarded in 1970. He adopted the name Drunvalo Melchizedek after studying at the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek in Vancouver, Canada.
 The Masters of The Mayan Secret:
Laura Esquivel
Mexican writer and author. Born on September 30, 1950, in Mexico City, Mexico. Esquivel began writing while working as a kindergarten teacher. She is best known for ´Como Agua para Chocolate' (1990), an imaginative and compelling combination of novel and cookbook. It had been released in Mexico a year earlier. After the release of the film version in 1992, Like Water for Chocolate became internationally known and loved. The book has sold over 4.5 million copies.
Antonio Velasco
Author of the Best Seller "Regina". He studied law and was co-founder of University City. A devoted teacher, researcher, and a writer. His work can be catalogued as fictitious stories within a historical context; some has been preached as historical research showing the falsity of some biographical characters. A.Velasco has been very involved with students' movements in the 60s. His works having been translated into several languages.
Rey Martinez
Rey Martinez, a gifted mystic that uses hypnosis as a vehicle to get in touch with the spirit. Considered by many as one of the best hypnotherapist in the world and fully recommended as the best of the best by such masters as Gil Boyne and don Miguel Ruiz. With an exceptional charisma, Rey Martinez has been training medical doctors, dentists and psychologists how to unlock the hidden secrets of the human mind at schools and universities since 1990.
Don Lauro
Mayan and Tibetan monk, has defined himself as someone who serves the community. His followers confirm the idea that where he is, love and detachment from material things are perceived. No preset behaviors. Just let life flow and let it keep its course. Borne in Chiapas, Mexico, 36 years ago, he says having had certain gifts since he was just 6 years old, which were recognized by the community and later by the Council of Elders. This is why he was given special training and was committed to ensure on nature, plants, rocks, and all living things.
Alberto Ruz
First borne son of Dr. Alberto Ruz Lhuillier, a well-known archaeologist specializing in Mayan Culture who discovered the magnificent royal tomb of the Great Pakal in Palenque. Co-founder of the International Nomadic Theater group, Hathi Babas, he traveled and performed through many European, North Africa, Middle and Far East countries, Mexico, Guatemala and the United States from 1974 to 1982.
Victor Giordani
Victor giordani is a Guatemalan Shaman and healer since the age of 4. He has lectured for thousands of people worldwide, with topics ranging from the development of our understanding and the managment of our emotions. His topics remain somehow controvertial among conservatives. recently he co-author a book with Carlos Ruiz a prominent neuro surgeon, and brother of miguel ruiz, author of the best seller, the 4 agreements. Giordani has brought the ancient knowledge of the cakchiquel mayas of guatemala to fortune 500 companies, in sles, schools, and prisions because behind every successful man or woman there is always a new for spirituality and Victor Giordani Has been for many years that bridge.
Rene Mey
French humanist who works around the world lecturing and featuring on spiritual topics, highlighted during our discussion with him, that "Love is the essence of life, so no one can live well until they learn to love. People with depression need to know that there is love in them ... but we have to seek." For example, he stated that France is a country where you can find most depressed youths; in 2006, 10,500 people committed suicide, and 6000 attempted to. He has the power to heal with his hands, has managed to remember events that happened when he was in his mother´s womb, and in previous lives; he can see through people and conveys his presence to distant places where others see and talk with him. Who is this man, and how does he do it? Help is love.
Sixto Paz Wells
Was borne on December 12, 1955, in Lima, Peru. The son of a famous UFO investigator, Carlos Paz Garcia, he grew up in a family atmosphere greatly conducive to the research of extraterrestrial life, since his father took him to conferences on the subject when he was still a very young man. Paz Garcia was the founder of the IPRI, the Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations. During his teens, he was an active member of IPRI and affirms that since 1974 he has lived through the experience of extraterrestrial contact. On five occasions he called in advance journalists from various countries (including Juan Jose Benitez, author of books like "The Trojan Horse"), to witness the sighting of a UFO in the sky of the Chilca desert. Following these initial contacts and instructions coming from senior teachers, he founded the "Mission Rahma" and leads up to the time of its dissolution in 1990, to avoid possible sectarianism. He even claims to have seen, alone or sometimes together with others, UFOs and their crews, as well as having traveled with them on more than one occasion.
Fresia Castro
Creator of the "Original Method of the Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland" techniques, contained in her book 'El cielo esta abierto', is recognized internationally for her innovative techniques linking the fields of Science and Spirit. Her life is a succession of wonderful and extraordinary events leading to an awakening of consciousness, experience and wisdom she shares in her bestseller 'Surameris' and in 'El cofre de los Secretos'. A science journalist, a writer, a researcher, a Master in Arts and the president of Cyclopea Worldwide - an organization dedicated to teaching techniques helping people to reach their objectives and self-mastery. Fresia is not the first person who claims that the True Alchemical Cup, the Holy Grail, is within the Self, which pours out of the Light of Life, from where everything can be miraculously carried out.

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