Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Secret Quest: The Path of the Christian Gnostics

Secret Quest 
The Path 
of the Christian Gnostics 

Discover the secret quest of the Christian Gnostics, 
who have emerged in different forms throughout history, 
walking the hidden path towards spiritual transformation.
Part 1 examines the question, 
"What is a Gnostic?". 
Starting with the early years of Christianity, this video explores the Gnostic origins of Jesus and his disciples and the secret aspects of his teachings. Discover how the theology of Paul of Tarsus diverged from the Gnostic teachings of Jesus and came to compete with the Church of Jerusalem, which was led by Jesus' disciples.

With the fall of the Church of Jerusalem, Pauline Christianity became dominant. Those who knew and practiced the secret heart of Jesus' teachings went underground hidden from view but continuing their quest for spiritual enlightenment.

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