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The Rajghat Education Centre 
of the Krishnamurti Foundation India  
was founded by the well-known seer 
and religious teacher J. Krishnamurti in the year 1928. 
It is located in a beautiful 300 acre campus full of trees, 
overlooking the confluence of the rivers Varuna and Ganga, 
on the outskirts of the ancient pilgrimage city of Varanasi. 
The centre functions in the light
 of Krishnamurti's teachings and his vision of education.

It consists of the following units:
  • The Rajghat Besant School  
  • which is a mainly residential, 
  • co-educational, English-medium, 
  • Senior secondary school 
  • with about 350 students 
  • ranging from 7 years to 18 years.
  • The Vasanta College for Women
  • which is a day-college 
  • with about 1000 girl students 
  • pursuing their B.A., B.Com 
  • and B. Ed. Of these, 130 stay 
  • on the campus in a hostel called Vasantashram.
  • The Krishnamurti Study Centre and Retreat
  • which offers facilities to adults 
  • for the study of Krishnamurti's teachings. 
  • It offers accommodation for visitors 
  • who wish to take a retreat for self-enquiry.
  • The Rajghat Rural Centre  
  • which offers free education, 
  • health care and vocational training 
  • to the very poor villagers living 
  • in the neighbouring villages. 
  • (The Rajghat Rural Center now 
  • has its own detailed website)
  • Uttarkashi Retreat , 
  • the Krishnamurti Retreat Centre 
  • in the Himalayas offers facility 
  • for quiet stay and self-enquiry.

For further information 

regarding New Admissions, 

visit the new school website



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