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Glyphs affirm Pleiadians as Extraterrestrial originators of Australian Aboriginals

Glyphs affirm Pleiadians 

as Extraterrestrial originators 

of Australian Aboriginals

- Author Steve Strong


Authors Steve & Evan Strong



 Extraterrestrials & Australian Origines

The revelations by Steve Strong in this ExopoliticsTV interview mark the first time that extraterrestrials and Pleiadians have been publicly and formally introduced into existing theories on the origin and role of Australian Aboriginals in the development of homo sapiens.

Authors Steve and Evan Strong have stated that:

"In consultation with Elders of Australia, we believe we have rediscovered a hidden history. We have written two books 

“Constructing a New World Map” 
and “Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming,” 
(with a third published in September 2009)

that rewrite the history of Australia and the world.
Our books’ main brief is to prove through scientific fact that which the Elders insist is true. We have assembled facts about archaeological finds, and also early contact accounts, genetics, Serpent myths, Dreaming stories, Amerindian myths, parallels in religious texts, etc into one coherent theory. Unlike the authorities in one field who are limited in their specialty, we draw all the disciplines together and attempt to resolve the confusion. Our claim is supported by genes, mtDNA, blood and many experts, that Aboriginal people set sail from Australia, not to, 50,000 years ago. We claim that Aboriginal people sailed to and settled in America over 40,000 years ago, and visited many other places including Egypt, Japan, Africa, India etc. They were the first Homo sapiens who evolved before the Sapiens of Africa, and who gave the world art, axes, religion, marine technology, culture, co-operative living, language and surgery. Many may not know that Professor Alan Wilson, the person responsible for the claim that we evolved from Africa, recanted his theory and now believes a small group of Homo erectus got to Australia 400,000 years ago. He believes they evolved into Homo sapiens and then spread from Australia well before the Africans. The debate over whether they were the first people in America is virtually a closed case. Hundreds of bones and skulls have been discovered that are undeniably of 
“Australian Aboriginal” origin. What it all means has had even the experts mystified. Professor Clive Gamble claims we “have to construct a completely new map of the world, and how it was peopled. We are responding to the call and attempting to clear up the confusion. We also trace the legacy of the Aboriginal Dreaming found within the mystical sects and creeds. We believe its principal elements are evident in all expressions, particularly Gnosticism."

Authors Steven and Evan Strong:
Steven Strong is a secondary school teacher with a background in Archaeology and Education. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the NSW Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit"

Evan Strong has a background in Sociology and Psychology.

They have spent many years learning and living with the Bundjalung and Gumilaroi people of Northern New South Wales.


"Glyphs affirm Pleiadians as Extraterrestrial originators of Australian Aboriginals"
- Author Steve Strong
by Alfred Lambremont Webre







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