Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Foo Lion & The Flower Of Life

Foo Dog (Shíshī) guarding the Flower of Life.

Shíshī are also known as Foo Lions, Lions of Buddha, or Chinese Guardian Lions. They are a mythological Chinese Lion, though many depictions of them bear more similarity to dogs. In China, Shíshī are always depicted in pairs, one male and one female. The male, located on the left, is depicted playing with a ball and is said to protect the structure placed outside. The female, located on the right, is depicted playing with a cub and is said to protect the inhabitants of the structure it is placed outside. In India, the male’s open mouth is said to be voicing an “A”, the female a “M”. Together, the two Shíshī speak the sacred word “Om” or “AUM”. In Japan, Shíshī are called Koma-inu. They are depicted as playful but fierce guardians of children and are often placed outside Shinto shrines to guard against evil.
 Sacred Geometry: 
The Flower of Life (19 circles)

The number 19 is also a mathematical miracle of the Quran.  Al-Wahid for example is used 19 times in the  Quran.
The One (in Arabic) = Al-Wahid

Al-Wahid = 58 = Science = 58 = Emerald 
Wahid = W+A+H+I+D = 23+1+8+9+4 = 45
45 = Preservation (in biblical numerology)

Zen = Z+E+N = 26+5+14 = 45
26 = Gospel of Christ (in biblical numerology)
5 = God's goodness (in biblical numerology)
14 = Salvation (in biblical numerology)
45 = Preservation (in biblical numerology)

UR means LIGHT, in reference to serving the agenda of enlightenment for all.

Priests of UR:
UR=39 is back-to-front Kryst = 93
The Gospel of Christ (biblical) = 26 
is back-to-front Amenti = 62

Creator = Schöpfer (in German)
GOD = Prime Creator = URschöpfer (in German)

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