Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alberto dreiSTein the Reptilian

Alberto dreiSTein the Reptilian
is the name I gave this picture, 
because this guy looks nice somehow :)

Jordan Maxwell's 
Knowledge & Wisdom 
+++ Reptile Alien Encounter Report


 .... but some of them have to learn a few lessons
 ... and I hope that their "Royalty" 
will also think about a Meritocratic Political Order in their own Star Systems someday in the future...
just a thought I had now,  
because what you will read and hear at the following 3 links is not so nice:
I.) Pleiadian Humans, Lyra 
And Our Galactic History
II.) Reptilians & Mind Control 
+++ Stewart Swerdlow 
@ Coast to Coast AM Classic 


UR+RaTaRa+  Freedom 

& Truth For All + The Pleiadians


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