Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Return Of The Divine Feminine

LaURa M. eisenHower: 
"I think it is pretty understandable that most people have trust issues - I mean, we weren't exactly born into a World of honesty.

Many come from broken homes, some did not get their needs even remotely met, there have been constant shocks and traumas, some have survived being punished when it was totally undeserved and to top it all off, our leaders seem to be trained in the art of deception, and history has been re-written to serve some agenda for control ~

Deep down we know something is not right and we grew up feeling that way, or it was totally masked and covered up by some programing.

Many feel the need question the integrity of everyone that comes their way and it becomes easy to not embrace life, because one is suspicious, probing deeply for some kind of evil that lurks. It is easy to fall into suffering and self-destruction or the need to constantly focus on healing from the anger and disappointment.

This is a time of liberation, the process of breaking out of this is not an easy one - but the beauty of just knowing we have ourselves to fall back on, is the strongest reassurance.

The more self-reliance, self-awareness and self-love we have ~ the more we can find like-minded companions and we can navigate this realm as a brave agent for positive change, a light-worker, an activator, global alchemist and bridge to the higher dimensions...

Rather than feeling stuck in having trust issues - trust your path and yourself ~ We are the Spirit Warriors who survived being up against all of this as vulnerable children and we have faced adversity time and time again to crack through the old paradigm and initiate this major shift, emerging with Herculean soul strength and wisdom.

Trust your path, your power and intention

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