Friday, September 28, 2012

The Pyramid Center +++ A Place For Inspiration

Located on over 230 acres of beautiful secluded forest, The Pyramid Center maintains a focus of various religious and spiritual customs. Gnosticism, Kabalistic and Masonic traditions, as well as a plethora of eastern and western mystical rituals from the eons of time are available for all who come yearning to learn and experience an expansive way of being. The TPC provides the perfect, tranquil setting to study, experience and learn.

When Alexander the Great established Alexandria in the 3rd century BC, he intended the city to be a spiritual and educational nexus. For a period of time it was. Its success was widely respected, so much so that people came from far away lands to study and learn in the extensive libraries. The Pyramid Center has incorporated ancient Alexandria as a template. A place for individuals from all walks of life to learn in peace, and be nurtured intellectually as well as spiritually in a beautiful environment which stimulates the mind, body and soul. 

Far Shot of TPC Road to TPC Meditation Rock

There are two key aspects of understanding which determine the success of any adventure. What is the end goal and how can that goal be achieved? No matter how many goals an individual might have and how lofty they might seem, there is a common denominator that flows throughout all of them. There needs to be an initial spark, inspiration.

Inspiration sets aflame creative endeavors and ultimately results in the manifestation of an individual's vast potential. This is the goal of The Pyramid Center, to help find the spark and kindle the fire that burns in the soul of each being.

The Human Conflict is something that is experienced by everyone, whether they are 16 or 60. Sometimes there is an intuitive understanding that things perceived cannot constitute the entirety of reality. Is this all there is? There is an internal yearning for an expansion of consciousness, and many will hit a wall when confronted with dilemma because they don't have the tools or know-how to approach this expansion. Our intention at The Pyramid Center is to assist the individual, elevating them up, over and beyond their "wall".

We, at The Pyramid Center, with the intention of revivifying the Mind, the Spirit, and your inner fire, invite you to come regenerate with us. 

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