Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Men You'll Never See ~ D.I.E. ~ 3:22
D.I.E. +++ 3:22
Swastika Symbol & The Buddha

Celebrating Our Strong Black Sisterhood 

U.R.=T.RA=T.S.=Task Schedule:
Harmonic Interference & The Return Of The Aeon Gods
~ by all means necessary ~ As Above, So Below:
- Exposing The Archons & Thoth "The Immortal"
- Exposing The Dark Luciferian Control Freak Dogma Cabal

 - Exposing the western internet control D.U.M.B.~A.I.:
 D.=Deep ; U.=Underground M.=Military ; B.=Base/Bases;
 A.I.=Artificial Intelligence
- Deconstructing The Metatronic 10-Tree of Life Kabbalah
- Deconstructing dogmatic approaches of any kind

... & that includes New Age B.S.
- The
compartmentalized western mainstream sciences are very
static & dogmatic and not based in the reality that love & vibrating consciousness energies combined with creativity are the root of all creation & existence itself & thereby also the source of this matter wave reality of which we are a tiny part right now... 
"repeaters with cognitive dissonance!"  ;) ...
like a demonic force :/

सर्बियाई गान "भगवान का न्याय का"
세르비아어 애국가 "정의의 하나님"

“When you've understood this scripture, throw it away.
If you can't understand this scripture, throw it away.
I insist on your freedom.”
― Jack Kerouac

Consciouness Energy Path 111:
I'm a Paradigm Shift Assistant towards
Holistic Gnostic Mystic Scientific Spirituality.
At the Heart of Creation is the Center
and at the Center of Creation is the Heart.
Love & Sound Are Real...
Light is only a Vibrational Distortion and the
Building Block of what we know as Matter.

Light is simply Information 
and Darkness is a lack of Information.
~ Krystic Kathara-12-Tree of Life 
+ Pre-Light Domain 
& Beyond

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." ~ Albert Einstein
Luciferians exposed:
The present status quo on planet Earth is not tolerable! 
The self-complacent arrogant ignorance of certain factions 
of the so called western "elite" is disgusting! 
They lie and they know that they lie! 
I would like to see all child killing/abusing satanic Luciferians in FEMA camps or at least in regular prisons so that these sick rituals finally find an end! I was more than disgusted when I figured out through my research what is going on here! If they think that too many "useless eaters" (quote ~ Henry Kissinger) exist on planet Earth then they should all commit suicide and thereby help the planet. And the sad thing is that many people think that this is just a "crazy conspiracy theory".

Luciferian "Illuminati" 
Defector Svali Exposed Their Agenda:
Check it out at the following link 
and if you believe it or not 
does not change the reality of it

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