Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Forgiveness Movement

 McDonalds CEO's salue their dark master Satan/Lucifer & Rabbi Abe Finkelstein 


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A Web Site To Engage In Global Forgiveness
C(DonALD HAD A FarMmmm...)hanging our lives or changing the world will be an endless remodeling project until we have changed the purpose we use them for. Engaging in the practice of forgiveness is what most quickly and effectively changes the purpose of our thinking from looking for guilt to finding innocence.

We think we are confined to this world of fear and fail to recognize there is another choice because we hold on to and use the same thoughts of guilt that only perpetuate the world we see. No matter how much we may study and come to understand there “might be” another way, it is the choices we use to “support” us, to manage our lives, that determines which world we trust and want.

To help us change our thinking we have established The Forgiveness Movement, ( a conscious choice to engage in practicing forgiveness as the means to surrender our past judgments and open our mind to a loving way to change our experience and our world. We will focus on becoming conscious of the meaning of the choices we make, discarding those that would accuse and drive us apart and looking for those that can bring us together.

The heart of the Forgiveness Movement is a Forgiveness Network, a gathering of those willing to supporting one another in our mutual intention to find loving, peaceful solution for our problems. We will be determined to bring at least one unloving thought each day to the Presence of Truth in our Mind and commit to letting it go. We will look for opportunities to consciously withdraw judgments we have made and welcome the awareness that those judgments have hidden.

We will commit to learning there is another way to understand the meaning of what seems to be happening in the world. We will learn to look for innocence instead of guilt and understand that what had seemed before to be attack can now be seen and answered as a call for love.

Having learned through our own choices how forgiveness can change our experience, whenever there is a major trauma in the world, be it earthquake, famine or war, we would, as a unified awareness, be available to hold a healing vision, offering a healing alternative to our consciousness that would ultimately help us get past the need for future suffering of any kind.

I would like your help. With all of the worldwide communication tools we have there is no reason that our Forgiveness Network cannot be used for healing on a global scale. Geographic distances have become irrelevant. Our ego consciousness connects us as close as each thought allows us to be. Because this is true, every thought of forgiveness must have an effect everywhere.

Seeing the names of those willing to participate from around the world will help us to expand our awareness of the impact and broader scope our joined forgiveness thoughts will have. Whatever we can do to recognize our connection to everyone, everywhere the more receptive we will be to recognize and experience our Oneness.

In that regard, we are posting a list of names of those of us who are willing to publicly commit to the practice of forgiveness. These names, along with city and country of location, will be posted on the “Support Network” page of the website. If you care to include your email it will not appear, but will be held by us as a means to contact you as a part of our healing network. There is no obligation nor will your email be shared with others without your permission.

Our web site has just been opened. We would like to invite you to join us as a part of the Forgiveness Network. Please visit the site and see if this feels right for you.

And if any of you have forgiveness stories that you would like to share, please send them to us at: We will be posting them here on our facebook page.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your help and participation!

Tom Carpenter 

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