Saturday, September 15, 2012

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September 15 is 11 Akb'al/Aq'ab'al. Nurture your inner home, the hearth of your soul. This is where the source of your power lies, the core of your life’s purpose. Honor and respect it, for it is truly sacred. You are the only one who can guard the integrity of your soul.

Today is also a good day to ground yourself, to take care of house, home, and family. If you have children, take a little tim
e to talk to them about the sacred seeds of potential they hold within them. Tell them how important it is to love and never to give up on their own promise. A child is like the bud of an infinitely blooming flower, season after season, layer upon layer, the seeds blossom and bear fruit; but to do so, the flower needs the sun and water of self-love and self-respect.

Mayan Rosetta Stone:

Ben rules the current Trecena (13 days starting Sept 5). For details on this trecena, see

Akb'al= The Tzolkin day sign for "Night", "House" or "Hearth" in Yucatec Maya.
Aq'ab'al= The K'iche' Maya term for Akb'al.
Buluk= The Number 11 in Yucatec. 

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