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Kasha Mama Creations: A Message from Archangel Gabriel

   A Message from 
     Archangel Gabriel   4+53=57=SION=3*RA
Uploaded by on Feb 8, 2011
"I am following the call of my heart to create uplifting and transformative videos for humanity. I recently committed 100% to this as my life-path and am trusting that support & abundance will flow towards this path as a result of the leap of faith that I am demonstrating to Father/Mother/God/Universe in honouring the call of my soul. My vision is to create videos that lift the hearts, mind, spirit and soul of billions, to assist in grounding the New Earth and to provide a channel for my own creativity to flow and be enjoyed by all. I am currently focussed on honing my video editing skills, acquiring technology and resources to develop my videos even further and are collaborating with other artists to enable this vision to manifest. If you feel inspired to assist in my process, and would like to help make my vision a reality, I invite you to make a contribution that feels good for you. All amounts are received with much gratitude and aloha, and much Mahalo's to all who have already donated!!!! 
Thank you. :D 
Blessings, Appreciation & 
Love from my Heart to yours.....
Namaste ❤"

"Open your heart to the energy of love. Although this may sound counter-intuitive during times of chaos, where adopting a defensive safe posture may seem more logical, we say to you now that the heart is the only truly safe place to be centred. Here all possibilities open up. Here all your power exists! Here is respite... and renewal where one may witness the Maya, the illusion all around you. It will give you perspective and dissolve any overwhelm you may be feeling emotionally. This is not to say that you do not take action. We simply suggest you take action from within a heart centred consciousness. This will ensure that your thoughts, words and deeds are infused and guided by love , helping to dissolve duality within yourself and within the world at large. As you walk through your day always remember this sense of peace, security and unity is only just a choice away."

Words ~Archangel Gabriel via Kasha Glazebrook
Music ~Vangelis "Rachel's Song"
Images~ Erial Ali Kagay Google Images/Photobucket
I give thanks & honor all the unknown artists"

Kasha Mama Creations:

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