Monday, September 24, 2012

09/29/2012 + Deconstructing The Four Canonical Gospels

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Despite mainstream Christianity's claims, there are still many open questions concerning the four Canonical Gospels, including their authorship, dating, theology, and original versions. With a balance of traditional and cutting-edge scholarship, we get under the hood of each of the four Gospels and break them down to find their closest origins and original manifestations. We understand the Synoptic Problem and how scholars solve it; why the four Gospels were chosen over many other texts, including The Gospel of Thomas; 
the Q source and how it stands up with modern academia; the two-author theory of The Gospel of John and whether the author even knew of the other three; and much more that most lay people have not heard of. We also deal with the many scribal changes that radically changed many of the gospels' doctrines. And we look at the various ancient biblical schools of thought and how they evolved throughout time to give us today's myriad versions of the Bible.

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