"Let’s unravel the blessings of this New Moon in Sun-ruled LEO! It’s here to spark our creative fires and also bring illumination by shedding light into relationships and urging us to align with our truth and empowered selves. A great time to plant seeds for creative ventures and partnerships. Here’s what the expert readers of the celestial movements have to say…
First from the always insightful Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Leo’s ruling ‘planet’ is the Sun, our very own light in the vast darkness of the Universe.  Leo’s light within us is also the light of our individual spark of Divinity…”  
“Just as the Sun’s life-force blesses us with light and warmth and growth, Leo blesses us with our unique vision of ourselves.  At this New Moon, plant the seed of your own glorious fire of creativity and vision.”
“What were you born to Be?  What talents are you here to contribute to the world?  We need everyone’s input if we’re going to make a conscious leap in evolution and shift out of patriarchy into partnership, with each other and with the Earth.”
 ”The Sabian Symbol for the Sun and Moon at 26* Leo is: As light breaks through the clouds, a perfect rainbow forms.  This image promises that once we have weathered the storm (last month’s Cancer New Moon: A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes) we will find the promise of a deep connection between heaven and earth.”
“With the knowledge that Spirit is all around us in the material world, we can begin to live out of our own spiritual essence, no matter what our culture expects or demands of us.”
“We can choose from all the rainbow colors of possibilities our spirit has to offer.  We discover our true Worth – not in terms of patriarchy’s sole reliance on money, but in terms of our inner gold.”
“This New Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, reminding us that we’re all in this stew together.  Selfishness is out of the question.  Our gifts must be given freely now.”  
“Trust is Pisces’ addition to the mix. Neptune in Pisces is exactly squaring the lunar nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini, enchanting us to recognize the magic of life and add that to our belief systems.  Remember, belief becomes reality.”
“Saturn and Mars in Libra are in a harmonious sextile to the New Moon, which opens up opportunities to work with others to our mutual benefit. The Uranus/Pluto square is working to open our Venus nature, to open our hearts to courage, vision and transformation now…”
“Wednesday, August 15 brings in some intense energies right before this New Moon.  With the Moon in Cancer at the end of her cycle, we can finish up old business and release old patterns of self-protection, self-nurturing and creative sensitivity.  These background energies are the soil we’ll plant our seeds in at New Moon.”
“The Mars/Saturn conjunction at 25*Libra on Wednesday can feel frustrating if we haven’t taken care of our relationship energies.  If we have, this planetary combination can add the determination, discipline and patience we need to deal fairly with all our relationships.”
“The symbol for 25* Libra is: The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death.  We can find cosmic meaning in every experience; we just have to tune in to the deeper ‘in-sights’ that our souls offer us.  Each person we relate to has something to offer us – we just have to remember to honor it.”
© Copyright 2012 Cathy Lynn Pagano  All rights Reserved.
From astrologer Molly Hall:
“…After a week of intense relating (Venus squaring/opposing the Pluto-Uranus square), who is still standing in your corner? A big part of becoming established is choosing the right allies and friends.”
“Mars-Saturn in Libra at the New Moon brings clarity that makes you feel more secure. It’s about stabilizing a worldview that will support your emerging self. Go ahead and ditch what keeps you off balance, and not in harmony with your values.”
“This isn’t about surrounding yourself with ‘yes men (or women).’  Saturn brings with it a reality check, and the sober view. This is a time to calibrate to your own highest standards, too, even if that means acknowledging painful truths.” “
“The Saturn-Mars bolster to the New Moon shows you the path to deeper commitment to your special purpose. And the hints and signs come in the form of what excites, what animates, what makes you feel hopeful about the future.” “
“The Saturn-Mars alignment can make it feel like you’re revving in place. It could seem the way forward is blocked, or that you’re being thwarted. Keep the faith, and hold your vision — it’s still a powerful time to fire your own personal grid.”
“Leo is a sign of celebrating the self, with your unique story, creative gifts, personality, lust for life. Where are the bright spots in this chaos? Do you sense more freedom to be who you really are?”
“…Being born in this exciting, unnerving time, there’s a big chance that following your bliss, is also your piece of brilliance to bring light to the world.”
© Copyright 2012 Molly Hall  All rights Reserved.
Diane Lang  from Libra seeking Libra gives a heads up in the relationship dept:  
“There are other challenges present on this lunation including a T-Square with Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn and both square Uranus in Aries. Looks an awful lot like jealousy and possessiveness wrecking havoc in our love lives. Abruptly falling in and out of love is another possibility with Uranus on board..”
“Boundaries will be more easily renewed though some folks might wish the fog hadn’t lifted because they will not be happy with what is revealed. The difference between manifested and un-manifested potential, particularly in relationships, can produce some cringe worthy moments. Rude awakenings anyone?”
“In any case, this New Moon in Leo does mark important new beginnings… That’s worth a celebratory moment or two, isn’t it?”
© Copyright 2012 Diane Lang, All rights Reserved.  
 From astrologer Kelly Rosano:
 “We can use this New Moon to make our dreams real. We can build, grow and expand a business, projects and relationships. We are required to stay focused, believe in our vision and persevere. However, we have to take action.  If we sit back and allow this New Moon to pass us by we are missing an awesome opportunity…”
“The Leo New Moon will show us what must be center stage in our lives and the role we have come to play…”
 “Leo reminds us that we must live from the heart; our core truth, around which everything in our life must evolve.  Leo is the heart-centered individual…”
“Leo’s image of the lion reflects the dedication and heroism required to become sovereign beings. It takes courage to be who we really are—neither pretending nor hiding. It takes strength and willpower to stay on our path when parents, teachers, culture and the media dictate otherwise.”
 “♥ What were you born to be?
♥ Not to do or own, but to be?
♥ What do you dream of, for yourself and the world?”
“…Speaking of relationships, there is another story going on here at the New Moon.  Venus, the Goddess of Love is in kind and compassionate Cancer. She is in a power struggle with Darth Vader Pluto and the big bad wolf Uranus. Venus in Cancer awakens our divine feminine. Venus wants us to go deep into our feelings…”
“♥ What feelings are coming to the surface?
♥ Are your emotional needs being met in your relationships?
♥ Are you speaking your truth?”
 “Venus in Cancer and in challenging aspect to Pluto and Uranus is emphasizing the need to transform the patriarchal paradigm to one of equality and sustainability.”
“Women have to speak their truth.  Men have to open their hearts. We must own our power. We want to do what makes us feel empowered. Otherwise, we could feel pushed, used and abused by other people…”
 “We must set our boundaries and raise our standards in relationships.  Venus in nasty aspect with Pluto and Uranus is a street fight. Venus must stand up for herself and not allow the bullies to push her around. Power, like everything else, is simply energy; it’s how we use it that makes all the difference. “
“♠ How do you use your power?
♠ Do you feel empowered?
♠ Are you living from your authentic creative power?”
“This is an outstanding Leo New Moon. If we use this energy to focus on our goals, we can move mountains. We can have productive pursuits that carry us into 2013.  Our efforts will be worth it, remember after the heavy storm is the rainbow. This is the promise of our success if we do our part. Where are your talents and truth most needed? Where do you need to take a leap of faith? Get ready for major revelations and breakthroughs in the next few weeks. “
 © Copyright 2012 Kelly Rosano  All rights Reserved.
I will update closer to the NEW MOON if I find some other relevant info to add to this! From my heart to yours, sending you much love and courage on this journey~~~