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Moon enters Gemini: 10th August 2012

Moon enters Gemini: 10th August 2012 
M+G+A = 7+7+7

10th August 2012, 8:12 p.m. GMT:
Moon enters Gemini

As the Moon enters Gemini she reminds us of the value of contacts and communications with others, and highlights the fact that sometimes we need to draw up a plan to get where we want to be, not just hope the wind will blow us in the right direction! This Moon certainly has a plan. She knows that in order to fulfil our spiritual nature, we must embrace our human one, and that in doing so we need to help others follow suit. The whole notion of spirituality is changing now, just as everything else in our world seems to be! Talk of ‘Ascension’ over the past few years has misled some to believe that we’re ready to leave this planet, and the physical realm, for something greater and more spiritual. In fact the heavens speak to us always of the physical as well as the spiritual, of the body and mind as well as the psyche and spirit. This won’t change. What’s changing now is how we understand this process of evolution and ‘ascension’. And as the Moon enters Gemini she wants us to consider this for a moment.

We’re not here to escape where we are! We’re here to fully be where we are, in the moment, completely alive in whatever circumstances life brings us. And one thing that life always brings us, in some shape or form, is other people! So the next couple of days is a time to look around and take note of who is now in our sphere. With whom are we sharing our realm these days? And then ask ourselves: What are we all here together for? Why are we sharing this particular space, and what can we do with it, and in it, that will further the evolution of the human race and this beautiful planet upon which we live?

Which brings us back to the whole notion of having a plan! There is a design to life, even when we can’t see it. But looking at our circumstances with that fact in mind can sometimes help us spot it when we wouldn’t otherwise do so. And there lies our plan! It’s already laid out for us. We just have to pick up the map, get to know the terrain, and begin to walk forward, together.

Love to everyone, Sarah Varcas X
Excerpt from the August edition of the Awakenings Astrological Almanac. More information and monthly subscriptions available for £6 or less from here:

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