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Letting Go Of The Old To Make Way For The New ~

Letting Go Of The Old To Make Way For The New | in5d.comby Audreanna Hoyt:

"As we are exiting the Age of Pisces, many of us are feeling a loneliness that cannot be explained, we have cleared ourselves and realigned our chakras, we have been and continue to draw in and accept the magnificent energy that has been surrounding our planet in recent months. We have felt the DNA upgrade and felt the physically changes taking place in our hearts and souls. All the while waiting for this new energy system to envelop us in a new way of life. In the past we may have felt the need to surrender our wills to our guides, ascended masters, angels, and other higher beings, knowing that their guidance was the path to fulfillment and unconditional love.  Our deep love of the universe has pushed us to find our own path and we have become comfortable with the beings that guide us and they are like old familiar friends, even family. This is what made the following so difficult at first…I could start this by giving you a bunch of horrible clichés, you know “when one door closes another opens” blah blah blah, yada, yada, yada, but I believe it will be easier to explain if I just share what I am receiving and how letting go of the beautiful beings that have changed my life so significantly has brought in a new energy that I know will profoundly change my life again. It started by completely letting go of my old perceptions of self, (this came courtesy of facing some cold, hard truths about myself and accepting who I was and who I am now). The process was filled with tears but I came out on the other side stronger for it. (It always amazes me how the universe sends individuals into your life for these life lessons. Words that seemed so cruel at first, took on a new meaning as I found my own strength.) Next was letting go of the two spiritual teachers that I depended on entirely too much. It was time to stand on my own, in my own light, and fully accept that I was ready to search out my own answers with my understanding and in complete trust, knowing that the higher beings I communicate with are always there for me and always show me the way…this doesn’t mean I always listen…but I’m working on that!After letting go of my child like dependence on both my spiritual teachers, and myself I was shown a new way to ground myself in both mother earth and the universe. I was shown how intrusive my current way of grounding was, establishing my own roots in mother earth instead of using the tools that nature had already provided me. I was taken to a majestic tree and laid at the foot of the tree. The tree scooped me up and enveloped me, taking me deep into the core of the tree. I felt the connection to the earth through the roots of the tree and spread my awareness both down through the roots as well as up through the branches. The universal flow I felt is not something that I can explain to you, it has to be experienced, I was grounded in both mother earth and the cosmos.Next came the chakra system and the changes that I needed to make there. I was shown the “layers” if you will, how my higher self, has a higher self, who has a higher self, etc.  To reach my next higher self I would have to flip the chakras upside down and under go the process again (okay, my first thought was I have to do this again…seriously!) I was shown how the human chakra system (pictured below) correlates with earth’s chakra system and by aligning to the new chakra system I would in turn align with mother earth’s chakra system.

Letting Go Of The Old To Make Way For The New |

Wednesday August 8th started like any other, until I felt the familiar presence of Enoch. He said, “If I stay then the old ways become the new ways.”  What did that mean? I sat quietly and closed my eyes.  Not only do I have a higher self but our guides, ascended master’s and other higher beings do as well. By holding on to Enoch I was keeping him from becoming his higher self and holding the old energy system here. I had to let him go. I will tell you right now that my uncertainty made me hesitate for a few minutes. Could I let go, what would happen? Would he come back in a different form or would I be sitting here in an energy less void? With complete faith in my heart I told Enoch good-bye and watched him ascend from my sight.

What happened next is difficult to explain but I will do my best. It felt as if there was a complete shift in the universe. Guides, archangels, ascended masters, elementals, other higher beings, etc. all shifted to their higher selves, it was like a complete reordering of the universal hierarchy, each one being able to re-establish themselves in a new form for a new world. As I sat there in complete awe of what was unfolding in front of me a new energy came in. It is three separate energies in one remarkable being. As this amazing energy floated in front of me I could clearly see the three separate energies in the transparent being that was speaking to me now. Urik is a male energy that represents the cosmos, Shameera is a female energy that represents earth, and Micale was the flow between the universe and earth, the male and female, the flow within each and every one of us. I do not have the words to describe how beautiful this entity is (for more information please see  I know I still have much to learn."

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