Sunday, July 22, 2012

Was Christ in India? If so why?

"What if what you term as God 
heard everything you thought
and considered it a request for it 
to give you what you were thinking? 
Would you change the way that you think?" 
quote - American Monk & Zen Priest Dr. Steven L. Hairfield

Dr. Steven L. Hairfield wrote a few great books.
For example:
"The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma"
(by Dr. Steven L. Hairfield)
"A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible"
(by Dr. Steven L. Hairfield)

Was Christ in India? If so why?

Part 2 of Christ in India?

Dr. Steven L. Hairfield's website:
post scriptum:
Names of Yeshua:

Jeshua ben Joseph / Yeshua ben Yosef 
(Hebrew-Aramaic name)

Isa / Yasu (Arabic name : يسوع, Yasū‘)

Isa / Issa 
(oriental name: Arabic / Iran / India / Nepal / Tibet)

Isa (female name meaning: 
"Iron" in Teutonic, "Rainbow" in Chamoru)

Isus Hristos / Исус Христос (Serbian name)

Jesus Christ (commonly known name)

Kryst & Christos (ancient names for christed beings)

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