Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Aztec Mystic & The Knights of the Jaguar

UR: The Aztec Mystic "Knights of the Jaguar" 
July 29 is 2 Men/Tz'ikin. Soar high but stay grounded; let your ambitions fly unbounded but harness their energy with focus; gaze deep into the soul of things but understand their physical reality. These are the messages that spin off the union of Ka and Men today, as Ka highlights the inherent duality that’s built into our existence and universal natural laws, and Men, the great mediator, helps us understand how to address opposing or disparate perspectives.

Leave the prior day with giant footsteps of jaguar but conquer the heights of the new day with the freedom wings of the eagle!

Mayan Rosetta Stone:
Ix = Current Trecena cycle (13 days starting July 28). Ix embodies the very soul of Nature and the spirit, energy, force, and vitality of life and all living things. It is the Tzolkin day sign representing the "Jaguar". It is the nagual of Nature and Mayan altars.

Men = The Tzolkin day sign for 'Eagle' in Yucatec Maya.
Tz'ikin = Same as Men but in Kiche' Maya.
Ka = The Number 2 in Yucatec Maya

& Aztechnical Aztec Mystic 
& The MAD Lion 
& The Teacha KRS-One 

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