Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tau Cetians from Tau Ceti (like Jerry Wills)

The Healers Mantra (excerpt) 
(by Jerry Wills): 
"... I am the image of God finally revealed. 
Look deep within me and 
see yourself as I see you. 
See yourself as I have seen myself, 
one image of God, 
perfect and whole - 
that I am provides a simple, 
yet powerful truth: 
God lives here."
The Tau Cetians and the Slavic people have much in common.
The nature of the mind-set of the Tau Cetians
and the Slavic people is to be,
linear-active (Germanic style),
multi-active (loquacious Mediterranean style)
and re-active (Asiatic style) simultaneously.

Thoughts from a Tau Cetian in the U.S. – Jerry Wills:
Question: How do we bring about changes in Earth Humans, to help them evolve and transform?
Answer: We do it with our actions. Jerry Wills says: "If we want to bring out the best in others we have to give them our best, the best of who we are, each of us…. and watch them evolve as a result of what we’ve given them. And of course, be kind to them.”

Ceti = C+ET+\I/ = 3+ET+9 = 37
Mira = MI RA = USA = OZ = PaHaNa = 41
Tau = Ta+(7+7+7) = 42 
Cetus = C+ET+US = 68 = Sophia

2012-13 Lecture Schedule: Alfred Lambremont Webre

Exopolitics TV:
Jerry Wills & Alfred Lambremont Webre (2010)

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