Friday, July 20, 2012

"Be & remain a Free Thinker" ~ R+C+ & The Return Of C+R

"The result of mysticism is a purification process, which renders each vehicle of being as a channel for Divine Intelligence. It is a total conscious surrender to the Supreme Truth that awaits the moment to manifest."
- Rosicrucian Manuscript

"The universal mind as an intelligence permeates every cell of our being and is accessible as an infinite wisdom."

- Rosicrucian Manuscript

"Be and remain a free thinker. Think for yourself and not according to what other people think. Likewise, let everyone think freely; do not impose your ideas on others and always remember that your ideas are also evolving."

Rose-Croix Code of Life

"As the aim of all human beings is to perfect ourselves, constantly endeavor to awaken the virtues of the soul that animates each of us. In doing so, we each contribute to our own evolution while serving all of humanity."

Rose Croix Code of Life

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