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Left Brain & Right Brain Functions Explained

Differences Between Left & Right Brain Functions explained in 2 Lists:

The right side of brain hemisphere

The right side of brain hemisphere specialists in combining the parts to produce a whole. Unlike the left, the right hemisphere organizes things simultaneously. It specializes in a method that perceives and constructs patterns. It is most efficient at visual and spatial processing and it is thought that non verbal stimuli are processed primarily in the right side of brain hemisphere. A person with the right brain dominant is often thought of as the dreamers, the artists, and the musicians. Just because they are not as good with numbers and remembering facts does not mean that they are "dumber" than a left brain person.

Right brain functions

Here are some characteristics of a right brained person. People with a right side brain dominance are usually good at these.

• Right brain controls left side of body
• Prefer visual instructions with examples
• Good at sports
• Good at art
• Follow Eastern Thought
• Cat lovers
• Enjoy clowning around
• Like to read fantasy and mystery stories
• Can listen to music or TV while studying
• Like to write fiction
• Prefer group
• Fun to dream about things that will probably never happen
• Enjoy making up own drawings and images
• Good at geometry
• Like organizing things to show relation
• Can memorize music
• Occasionally absentminded
• Like to act out stories
• Enjoy interacting affectively with others
• Think better when lying down
• Become restless during long verbal explanations
• Enjoy creative storytelling
• Prefer to learn through free exploration
• Good at recalling spatial imagery
• Read for main details
• Skilled in showing relationships between ideas
• Preference for summarizing over outlining
• Solve problems intuitively
• Very Spontaneous and unpredictable
• Dreamer
• philosophical

People of right brain hemisphere dominance tend to choose similar occupations. Here are some occupations that are usually fulfilled by a right brained person.

• Forest ranger
• Wildlife manager
• Athlete
• Artist
• Actor/Actress

The left side of brain hemisphere
The left side of brain hemisphere processes information sequentially and is described as analytical because it specialises in recognizing parts which make a whole. Although it is most efficient at processing verbal information, language should not be considered as being in the left side of brain hemisphere. This hemisphere is able to recognize that one stimulus comes before another and verbal perception and generation depends on the awareness of the sequence in which sounds occur.

Left brain functions

Below is a list of things that people with left side brain dominance are good at or they like and things that are done in the left side of brain.

• Prefer Classical Music
• Your Left-Brain controls the right side of your body
• Prefer things like instructions to be done verbally
• Good at math
• Like to read
• Follow Western Thought
• Very Logical
• Dog lovers
• Don't enjoy clowning around
• Can't be hypnotized
• Usually remember things only specifically studied
• Need total quiet to read or study
• Like to read realistic stories
• Like to write non-fiction
• Prefer individual counseling
• Enjoy copying or tracing pictures and filling in details
• Also like to read action stories
• Usually rational
• Usually do things in a planned orderly way
• If you have to answer someone's question, you won't let your peronal feelings get in the way
• Good at algebra
• Can remember verbal material
• Almost never absent minded
• Like to tell stories but not act them out
• Can think better sitting down
• Like to be a music critic
• Attentive during long verbal explanations
• Prefer well structured assignments over open ended ones
• Read for specific details and facts
• Skilled at sequencing ideas
• Likes to be Organized

People of left brain hemisphere dominance tend to choose similar occupations. Here are some occupations that are usually fulfilled by a left brained person.

• Lab scientist
• Banker
• Judge
• Lawyer
• Mathematician
post scriptum:
The right side of the brain is a parallel multidimensional processor and the left side of the brain is a serial linear processor. We are interconnected with each other and with the intelligent infinity of the cosmos and we hold the power to transcend.

"What if what you term as God heard everything you thought and considered it a request for it to give you what you were thinking? Would you change the way that you think?" quote - American Monk and Zen Priest Dr. Steven L. Hairfield

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